Road Grinding:

Grinders of different sizes and capabilites to fit your needs. We bring the right tools for the job.

We have a high speed, high capacity grinder for big acreage and large volume removal projects. And smaller grinders for areas of less square footage or more delicate situations.


We recycle all of the asphalt that we remove.


Grinding or milling asphalt is the most modern method of removing asphalt or concrete.  There are many advantages to this removal method:

  • 100% recycled -  The millings are taken to the asphalt plant to be used to create new asphalt.
  • Zero environmental damage - The removal is 100% contained, there is no slurry like with sawcutting that can enter the creeks through the catch basin system.
  • Zero structural damage - Grinding does not fracture the edge of the remaining asphalt like Jack hammering does. Grinding provides a clean solid edge.
  • Less tenant impact - Grinding is 4 times faster than sawcutting or jackhammering which means we can complete the repairs much faster.
  • Less expensive - Because of the speed of removal, the re-usability of the bi-product we can pass tremendous savings on to our clients.


We are equipped to remove everything from simple patches to large sections of highways with the most modern equipment and trained professionals available in the industry.

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From Our Customers...

Read what our customers have to say about us and our workmanship.  More...


We are a Licensed Bonded Insured Pavement Contractor for Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Family Residential Properties.



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